Our Facilities


Main Hall:

120 Theatre style

100 Banqueting style

150 Maximum capacity

Cafe Room:

30 Theatre style

15 Boardroom style

25 Casual Seating

Meeting Room:

10 People

The Huddle Hub Community Cafe

Monday - Friday 12.30pm - 5pm

We can seat up to 26 and food and drink is served from the servery to the kitchen.

Cakes, snacks and  hot meals are all prepared on site so if you fancy a coffee with friends, lunch with colleagues or after-school cakes with the kids please pop in. 

Well behaved dogs are welcome in the cafe on leads.

Opening times are subject to change depending on the needs of the community so let us know what you think and we may extend in the future.

Parties and events also catered for. See www.thehuddlehub.co.uk for more details.

Volunteers are needed. Please contact Rachel on volunteers@thehuddlehub.co.uk


The Foyer:  The entrance foyer is accessed through the main entrance to the left of the building as you look at it from the car-park on Ford Street. This  is open to the general public every day. It is a place to arrive and where information and exhibitions can be shown. It hosts, within its general area, a tourist information display, a book, DVD and games swap, a visitors book and a general notice board of information and events. It provides access to the Main Hall and the toilets.

Public Toilets: There are toilets accessible by the public 365 days of the year, including disabled and a baby change.

The Main Hall: Can support all major events, with the stage to one end. It can seat 120 people as an auditorium or accommodate 100 people in a function/dining arrangement. 80 conference style stacking chairs are available for use in the hall plus an assortment of other chairs.  A dim-able lighting system has been installed into the ceiling and mood lighting is provided on the side walls. The hall can be heated and cooled as required via thermostat controlled electric heaters.  It is big enough to host short mat bowls if required. There is an electronic wall mounted screen and audio/visual systems installed. A dedicated chair and table store is accessed from the side of the Main Hall. There are double door to the Meeting room and a through route to the cafe however both these rooms can be accessed directly from outside also.

The Stage: This is elevated approximately 1 foot above the main hall. It is designed to be removed if necessary.

The Meeting Room: This is situated at the back of the building and can be accessed from the Main Hall or from an external door. This room is multi-functional and can be used in conjunction with other rooms depending on the hirers needs. It can function as a bar or a sales point and will also provide the village hall “office function” as needed. The room can be configured in many ways. As a general meeting space it will seat approximately 10 people.

Cafe Room: This room  is hugely popular for small conferences, committee meetings and private hire. It will sit up to 30 people theatre style, 15 as a board room or 25 casual dining. The room is used as a cafe every afternoon during the week. The cafe room can be served through a hatch from the kitchen thereby providing a bar type facility.

The old surgery: This room is designed for one to one meetings, consultations, private office space or treatments such as massage, foot care etc. There is a small sink, some storage and eat and coffee making facilities. This room can only be accessed via the main hall or through the Meeting Room, therefore bookings need to be made according to what else has been booked.

The Kitchen: A modern kitchen is provided for the storage, preparation and serving of meals for up to 120 covers.  This enables the hall to be used for all village events and commercial functions. The kitchen can serve directly the Cafe room and the Main Hall is easily accessed also. There are three sinks and has a hygiene rating of 5.

NB. There is no dishwasher at this time.

Parking: There is 1 disabled parking space & 12 others within the village hall car park. There is room for more for functions where you know each other. Locals do use the car park sometimes however we can arrange for parking bollards to be put out should you require this. There is also ample parking at the school most evenings and weekends.

Garden: There is a large outdoor space to the rear of the building. This is currently undergoing a makeover.

Village Hall Charges 2020

Discounted prices can be applied for repeat bookings or Wigmore Group Parish residents.

Village Hall Charges    (V1 Jan 2020)
Hourly Whole Day

10 - 12 hours maximum

Standard Discounted Standard Discounted
Main Hall See Notes 2, 3, 5, 6 & 7 £13.00 £10.00 £100 £75
Cafe Room See Notes 2, 3, 5, 6 & 7 £11.00 £8.00 £75 £50
Meeting Room See Notes 2, 3, 5, 6 & 7 £8.00 £6.00 £60 £45
The Old Surgery See Notes 2, 3, 5, 6 & 7 £10.00 £8.00 £70 £50
Exclusive Use of Main Kitchen - (Cafe room included) See Notes 2, 3 & 4 - 

NB. See item below for free kitchen use

£10.00 £5.00 £40.00 £30.00
Drinks made using own provisions in Kitchen or Servery No charge No charge No charge No charge
Meeting Room Servery EXCLUSIVE USE See Notes 2 and 3 50p 50p £5.00 £5.00
Audio Visual Use See Note 6 No Charge No Charge No Charge No Charge
Off-site charge per item per day for village use only  N/a N/a £2.50 - Tables

50p - chairs

25p - kitchen crockery/items

£2.50 - Tables

50p - chairs

25p - kitchen crockery/items

Cleaning Fee See Notes 2 and 3 £45 per hire £45 per hire £45 per hire £45 per hire
Whole Building Exclusive Use for Major Event 1800 hrs Friday to 1100 hrs Sunday See Notes 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7 N/a N/a

From £350

Per event

From £275

Per event

Returnable Deposit for Major Events, Parties and Weddings

(Subject to Terms & Conditions of Hire)


per event


per event


per event


per event

Returnable Deposit for Kitchen use See Note 8 £50 £50 £50 £50
Returnable Deposit for Audio Visual Use No Charge No Charge No Charge No Charge
Returnable Deposit for Door Key (Needed for most evening and weekend events) See Note 8 £5.00  £5.00  £5.00  £5.00

1. Includes access to and use of the kitchen by the Hirer or Hirer’s caterers. Includes cleaning but NOT clearing up. All rubbish, recycling, bottles etc must be removed from the premises by the hirer. A returnable deposit is required see Deposits above.

2. Cleaning is the responsibility of the Hirer unless a cleaning fee has been agreed with the Bookings Secretary.  All areas must be left clean & tidy, and arranged as they were found, prior to hiring.

3. Clearing up is the responsibility of the Hirer and all black bin rubbish MUST be removed from the premises by the Hirer. There are two green recycling bins for paper, bottles and cans ONLY.

4. Any hiring of the kitchen will require a returnable deposit of £50

5. Maximum Hall and Meeting Room capacities are shown in paragraph 6 of Hiring Terms and Conditions. These must not be exceeded.

6. Use of installed Audio-Visual equipment must be specified at time of booking. Laptop, HDMI & 3.5 mm input available.

7. Includes the use of tables and chairs. Movement and arrangement are the Hirer’s responsibility and at their risk.

8. Refund of all returnable deposits is subject to Terms and Conditions of hire


Terms and Conditions



Wigmore Village Hall, Wigmore, HR6 9UW

Phone: 07594856487

Email: bookings@wigmorevillagehall.co.uk

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